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Sheet Music

Neesie Waltzin Trow Da Wasting
Written for Denise Niven as a gift for her 60th Birthday from her husband Philip.

Commissioned Tunes

Anyone can commission a tune from Spencie’s Tunes for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements to name a few, but people are commissioning tunes for almost anything!

You can choose the title and also a dedication if required and Steven will compose a special tune and produce a recording and manuscript of the commissioned piece for you. This is a very personal, unique and eternal gift.


The Spencie’s Tunes Package

The standard package includes a recording of your new composition played on fiddle with guitar accompanimenby the composer Steven Spence. You can choose to receive this recording on CD or request that an MP3 file be emailed to you.

In addition, you will also receive a printed A4 sheet of the titled manuscript with optional personalised message, or have a PDF file of the music be emailed to you.

Price: £250

£50 deposit required before commencement of commission

Optional Extras

Additional Instruments

There is also the option of having a piano or accordion included on your recording as a special request. This would be dependent on the availability of additional musicians at the time of your commission. Further details can be provided during your initial consultation. (approx. £40 per additional instrument)


Framed Titled Manuscript (with optional personalised message) – Price: £20

Request that your CD and its case come with a Printed Cover for that extra special touch – Price: £20

Additional printed CDs – £5 each

If you are unable to collect your package in person it can be sent to you with a UK delivery charge of £10


Click on the playlist below to hear some of Spencie's Tunes:

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