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Sheet Music

 Beth and Connor's Wedding Jig
Commissioned by Jim and Dawn Martin as a wedding gift for Beth and Connor.

Sheet Music

 Vaila's Jig
Commissioned by Jim and Dawn Martin for their Granddaughter Vaila on her 1st birthday.

Sheet Music

 The Girl in the Glen
Written for Dr Gabrielle Sheena Elizabeth Edith Blair as a gift on her 75th Birthday from her family
Lindsay, Sarah, Laura and Gareth. Song title chosen by Gabriel Blair.

Sheet Music

The March to Da Peerie House
Written for Alf and Jenny Clews as a Christmas gift from their grandson Jack Sangster.

Sheet Music

Sam's Birthday Reel
Commissioned by Judith and Paul Clark as a gift for their son Sam on his 26th Birthday.

Sheet Music

Delight to announce the new digitally remastered CD version of the original cassette tape from 1983 "Me and My Shadows" is available in some local shops and on this website! 
Available on this website as CD or USB. To order just click HERE

To hear clips from the album click the player below:

Sheet Music

Spencie has a tune in the Unst and Yell Tunnel Groups’ online auction.
To hear the tune and bid on it click HERE


Sheet Music

Leo and Lomond's Reel
Commissioned by Bobby Gear as a gift to Tracy and Davie and
a tune for their grandchildren


Sheet Music

Goturm's Galley-vant

Yesterday we said farewell to the legendary Leslie Stickle. Back in 2009 he was the Guizer Jarl at the Norik Up Helly Aa, and his wife Desley asked me to compose a tune for the occasion.

So here's a peerie video clip I've done of me playing the tune "Goturm's Galley-vant" along with the CD I recorded at the time.

Leslie was some guy.  RIP Stickle

Sheet Music

Golden Goals at da Gibby
More Golden Goals at da Gibby today as Shetland had a 6 - 1 victory over Orkney in the Milne Cup.
The tune Golden Goals at da Gibby was originally composed by Spencie when Shetland won the football in the island games against Guernsey in 2005.

Sheet Music

Moosh Marches Into Her 60s
Written for Michelle Edwards as a birthday gift from her family in Shetland.

Sheet Music

Mr & Mrs Farren's March To The Westings
Commissioned by Kelsea Blades as a gift to Lauren Johnson and James Farren on the occasion of their wedding on 15th April 2023.

Sheet Music

Auld Daa's Jig
Written for Martin Leask as a 70th Birthday gift from his family.

Jarl Logi Fornjotson
Written for Steven Brown the Guizer Jarl at the Cullivoe Up Helly Aa 2023 as a gift from his family. 

The Hunter Nisbet Two-Step
Commissioned by Nigel Stickle in memory of the late Hunter Nisbet.

Fjallskar Lea
Written for Colin and Margo as a gift from Nigel Stickle.

George Spence (Spencie's son) and Fraser Jamieson in concert at
Mareel, Shetland - December 2
Make yourself a cup of tea, or pour out a dram as this set takes about 10 minutes! Starts gentle and ends up on fire!!!! 🎻🎸 🔥
Great set by George and Fraser at the concert at Mareel last night 👍👍

George Spence Music



Neesie Waltzin Trow Da Wasting
Written for Denise Niven as a gift for her 60th Birthday from her husband Philip.

Spencie's son George is doing fiddle lessons at the High Level Music Centre in Lerwick.
To book a lesson see contact details on the poster below:

George Spence Fiddle Lesson Poster - November 2022.jpg

Vas-y Mandy
Written for Mandy Henderson on her retirement as a gift from her husband Adrian.
Vas-y Mandy' [va-zee-mandy] directly translates from French to 'Go for it Mandy!'

Pat's Strawberry Special
My wife Margaret asked me and my son George to compose a tune between us as a gift for Pat Bridgway on her 80th Birthday. You may wonder why it is called “Pat’s Strawberry Special”? Well, many years ago Pat asked me if I would play that good fast tune I always played which had something to do with strawberries. I was a bit confused as I couldn't think of any tunes about strawberries that I played. Anyway, after dragging more information from Pat and finding out the tune had something to do with some sort of fruit, it turned out the tune she wanted me to play was the “Orange Blossom Special”!!!! She had got the wrong type of fruit!!!! This is something I have never forgotten and every time I see Pat I usually give her a cheeky reminder, much to poor Pat’s embarrassment! So the tune for her 80th Birthday just had to be called “Pat’s Strawberry Special” !

The RGJ Centenary Reel
Spencie composed this tune to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of R. G Jamieson & Son. Performed here at the centenary celebration by Lexi Tulloch, Elizabeth Jamieson and Spencie on fiddles, Krissi Tulloch and Daniel Jamieson on guitars, Victor Jamieson on bass. Many thanks for Johnina Jamieson for the video.

The RGJ Centenary Reel
Written to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of R. G Jamieson & Son.

Taities Retirement
Written for the retirement of Ian Tait as a gift from work colleague Raymond Henderson.

Tammy Duncan's Farewell tae da Big Monkey
Spencie composed this tune as a gift for Tammy Duncan after he had painted Spencie and his wife Margaret's boat
which is called the "Big Monkey".  Tammy said to Spencie in a fun, "Du'll hae tae write a tune an caa it
Tammy Duncan's Farewell tae da Big Monkey"....  so Spencie did just that!!


Wilbert and Zena's Waltz
Written by Spencie at the request of Wilbert and Zena Sharp’s family to mark 2022 as their 80th year and 58 years married.

Jeemsie's Reel
Written for James Gray as a gift from his family.

Springfield Two Step
In celebration of Anya Risk and Gary Sandison's wedding - 15th July 2022

Joan a' Gerratoun'
A quickstep written for Joan Ritch (a’ Gerratoun) on the occasion of her 80th birthday as a gift from her family.
The quickstep was a favourite dance for Joan and her late husband Dennis.

Doreen Marches to 70
Written for Doreen as a 70th Birthday gift from her Auntie Rosie.

Billy o' da Toon Haal
Written for Billy Sandilands as retirement gift from his work colleagues.

Gino and Angela's Two Step
Angela commissioned this tune as a gift to her husband Gino Abrew on their wedding day.

Andrew Nicolson of Barnafield
Written for Andrew Nicolson on his 80th Birthday as a gift from his family.

Da Scamps
Written for Alison Priest as a gift from her Grandbairns.

Linda's Own Shetland Tune
Written for Linda on her 60th Birthday as a gift from her sister Oddrunn.

Uyeasound So Good To Us
Written for Alex and Laura Main as a wedding gift from Alex's parents.

John's Lucky Escape
Written for John Morrison for having a very lucky escape after being taken out by a jackknifing articulated lorry 
while driving the Voe bakery van in snowy conditions.  Miraculously, John escaped relatively unscathed!

Nicola's Shetland Reel
Written for the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, in appreciation
of all her hard work and devotion during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Da Burnside Reel
Spencie composed this tune as a gift from himself and his wife Margaret
for their neighbours at Burnside, Adam and Emma Ramsay and their family
when they immigrated to New Zealand in November 2000.
"a peerie bit o' Unst tae tak wi you"

The Milestone March
Written for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on becoming the longest reigning British monarch on 9th September 2015.

Andrew's Birthday Reel
Written for Andrew as a 65th Birthday gift from his family.

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