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Me and My Shadows - Remastered CD / USB

Me and My Shadows - Remastered CD / USB

A wonderfully Remasterd version of the original cassette tape from 1983 by Steven Spence called "Me and My Shadows"


AVAILABLE ON EITHER CD OR USB STICK - Select your choice when ordering.

The USB Stick contains the audio tracks and the artwork from the CD cover booklet



1. Sean McGuire, Slantigarth

2. Pete's Breakdown, Jenny's Chickens

3. Barmaid, Teetotaller, Scholar

4. Spences' Trip To Edinburgh, Da Closs

5. Canadian Waltz

6. Orange Blossom Special

7. Sylvia, Tulloch's Farewell to Hagdale

8. Poppyleaf, The Sligo Maid

9. Tokyo Polka

10. Fairy Dance, Mason's Apron

11. Turkey in the Straw, Red Wing


To hear clips from the tracks click HERE

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