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Spencie's Tunes Vol 4 - Book

Spencie's Tunes Vol 4 - Book

Collection of 30 Shetland tunes composed by Steven Spence



  1. 33rd Shetland Folk Festival's Welcome To Hamish McLeman

  2. Aaron Irvine's Peerie Fun

  3. Halcyon Two Step

  4. Mac & Kate's Wedding Waltz

  5. Alf At Spiggie Hotel Jig

  6. Harry's Golden Jubilee

  7. No Afore Da Time

  8. Martha & Hosea's Wedding Waltz

  9. Rognvald Eysteinsson's March Through Sandwick

10. Hubert's Tanker Two Step

11. Ian Haugh's Drive to Kingairloch

12. The Bull Farm Reel

13. Bulderit Brydon

14. Laurie's 50th Birthday Reel

15. Ruby Christie's Waltz

16.“Linkin At” Wi' Andrea

17. The James Barclay Hornpipe

18. Golden Trip Tae Stornoway

19. The Sapphire Reel

20. Stenabaugh's Shetland Waltz

21. Shaun's Celebration Reel

22. The Silver Anniversary March

23. Rachel's Rant

24. Geordie & Helen's Indalea Two Step

25. The Laeverik Reel

26. The Blyth Twins' 60th Celebration Reel

27. Da Waddir Man's Two Step

28. Mairi Nicleoid A Tigh a' Gheata

29. Wir Wedding Waltz (Tina & Matthew)

30. Helendale Reel


The tunes have been put in the same order as they are on the CD.


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